Shoreline Decaf

Shoreline most popular blend is now DECAF! It's a combination of a Central American and Mostly South America coffees producing a bold and zesty chocolate with a hint of spice.This coffee may have or produce a slight zing (Lift of Mood) from the El Salvador mix.

Most consumers have loved the Floral and fruity taste from the rich chocolate,Nutmeg, Pecan Flavor. You can't help to not overlook the touch of Bittersweet Chocolate, a touch of nougat, while maintaining plenty of fruity spicy flavor. 

Best Roasted Medium to Vienna Roast

BEST ROAST-  Medium - To  City - 12-24 ounces-

This Coffee can be roasted lighter city roast

415-425 deg, 10-15 seconds after 1st crack - 10% El Salvador 90% Columbia Decaf