Morning Glory

Our breakfast blend is a combination complex flavor, medium-bodied, rich acidity where a clean and sweet aftertaste meets Apricot, Grapefruit, Cocoa ,chocolaty and fruity.

Relax and enjoy this less jittery feeling coffee as your breakfast coffee. Some of us have said they love it all day long.  

Some have experienced a creamy maple syrup flavor dark chocolate with a taste of Grapefruit pronounced, rich acidity juicy, hibiscus spice, a twinge of a mild strawberry, red current flavor mixed with apricot , chocolate, some cinnamon,and met by a slightly buttery, creamy, clean finish.

BEST ROAST-  Medium - To Full City - 12-24 ounces-

This Coffee can be roasted lighter

420-425 deg, 5-10 seconds after 1st crack 33% Ethiopian Sidama 67% Columbia Excelso