Hellcat Blend

Hellcat Blend

This coffee is generally complex and well-rounded with chocolate notes and hints of spice, fruit and earthy overtones in the flavor.

Great balance of flavors, moves nicely from sweet, to mild acidity to dark cocoa and pleasant aftertaste. Roasted just to the verge of 2nd crack but NOT into it at all.

Taste: Typically provides a bold, zesty and fruity, Black Powder,, Ginger, Bold Earth-tone hint of milk chocolate ,fruit, plum,with a cherry undertone.

Sweetness - Medium to low sweetness.

Provides the best medium body flavor to drink all day.

Relative: Sumatra and Guatemala

Roaster Notes:

BEST ROAST- Italian- Dark Roasted - 12-24 ounces

450-460 deg, 20-25 seconds after 1st crack - 33% Sumatra -67% El Salvador