The Calypso Blend is a complex  unique cup that delivers a Bright, Sweet, Fruit, Cocoa, Nutty ,and Berry taste with Caramel, milk chocolate, orange, berries twinge of hazelnut and Smooth Bright Finish.

Also Good as Espresso or French press

Cupping Notes: Jasmine in break, round body, swiss chocolate, pineapple, cocoa

Very balanced with a good mixture of smooth sweetness and some sweet, nutty, berry. Best described as having a “clean” flavor.

Relative: Costa Rica Terrazu- Rosebud-Espresso

Roaster Notes:

BEST ROAST-  Dark Roasted - 12-24 ounces

425-430 deg, 10-15 seconds after 1st crack - 33% Costa Rica -67% Rosebud