Shoreline Bayou Blend

This dark ,intense cup is full of complex spice and chocolate! Our simple approach is blending two beans that are likely enhanced by darker roast profiles, putting them together creating a balance of both sweetness and complexity.

Medium body, Floral Hibiscus and Fruity Lemon-grass flavor with a rich baker chocolate cocoa powder note (Bourbon) meet rich, syrupy and sweet with hints of cocoa and spice, Earth-tone. You might taste a Floral Jasmine Honeysuckle, fruity richly chocolate from the Bourbon.

Relative: El Salvador, and Sumatra

We like this coffee French Roasted, But also good as Medium-Dark Roast!

Roaster Notes:

BEST ROAST-  Dark Roasted - 12-24 ounces

430-435 deg, 5-8 seconds after 2nd crack - 33% Sumatra -67% El Salvador