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Building a coffee business was not my first choice professionally. We bought our first commercial coffee roaster in 2008 and after tons of research, training, building, marketing and a building websites, social media all while doing on the job training and so forth we were on the way, 

The coffee profiles we offer to the you have been tested by countless hundreds of the most kind considerate, honest, sincere friends, and family I could’ve asked for. After deciding on a  business plan that must include proper quality control and inventory management using my god given skills as a project manager and business owner for more than 20 + years there was finally some light at the end of the tunnel. I walked away from a great paying job with security and benefits that other friends could only hope to have. 

Okay! So here it is in Black and White, and the part most savvy business owners can relate to. I work tirelessly, highly under payed, overworked, and would soon find out coffee is the most loving, overrated passionate job I would ever have and truly love.

My friends still get pissed off  hearing about my new less than financially successful decision and experiences.  I am passionate and still follow my own dreams like so many role models before me”.

I challenge anyone to find a harder working, hands on business man out there however, I suspect there are a few here and there. 

My passion for coffee, working with clients and customers, friends and family to hone in and define there coffee taste has become the biggest rewarding and challenge of my life. 

I hope you find my story and my coffee blends to be the best coffee, espresso, immersion, you’ve ever had each morning, noon, or evening, or night and we will only choose the best arabica (/əˈræbɪkə/) green coffee beans, using the best sources available. 

Be Bold! Try our coffee today and let us transcend your coffee taste.


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